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Manage choir files

Assign everything properly to voices, so anyone can be notified. Store all files together so everybody can share them.

Connect people together

Singing together is one side of building great coir community. Common place to meet, chat and collaborate is a great addition to animate life in choir environment.

Setup everything
in an instant

Choir creation will take you 5 minutes if not less. Straightforward wizard will help you set everything up. If you feel confused we will gladly walk you around.

Easily get feedback on how your choir is prepared to the next performance. Just send an survey to everybody and see where you have to focus your strengths to be the best on stage.

Use messaging system that will let you contact with each person, voice or all choir at once.

Better Communication

Increase your Audience

Get advantage of the instant choir page with automatic updates about upcoming events and performances.

Allow your fans to subscribe to your activity feed and stay in touch and go more often on your choirs performances.

Use Social media like Facebook and Twitter to get more listeners to your music.


Evaluate your choristers and track their progress as they practice over months and years. Choose your core team fairly and with best outcome.